Becoming Me

I’ve always been intrigued by transgendered people and drag queens. Most of them are living a battle against the pressures of society, and yet so many of them are such inspirations. I found a great documentary on Youtube about transgendered teens and decided to post it here as an inspiration to all who are different, transgendered or not.

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Planting with the Lunar Cycles

Lunar cycle around Earth

The days are getting longer, the sun more intense – spring is getting ready to come to Canada! Many gardeners are beginning to awake from their winter hibernation and starting to exchange seeds and sowing plants indoors. As soon as they’re sure that the last frost has passed, they are finally seen emerging from their dens to welcome the spring.

This is my first year owning a garden and I’m more excited than ever. However, I am beginning to wonder if I am choosing the right time to plant.

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Who is God?

While there are so many spiritual paths out there and even a few that I identify with in certain ways, I don’t think I will ever label myself as a specific set of beliefs. I want to continue learning and striving for truth over the course of my life, and I don’t ever want to stop. I never want to say, “this is what I believe is truth. The other paths are invalid to me at this time.” because psychologically it puts people into a group mentality. Us against them. Some people deny they do this but many people who study human behaviour will vouch for this fact. The worst kind of lies are the ones we tell ourselves.

In saying that, who is God?

Well, it depends on who you ask. Or does it? They say God has many names. Perhaps the stories and names are different but they all refer to the same deities? Not even that. A closer look across nearly all religions and cultures reveals many legends that sound as though they’re very much the same stories but told by different people. The story of Noah’s Ark can be found across many cultures. Same with the story of Jesus relating to the Egyptian story of Horus. I like to think that these myths are somewhat true and exaggerated, or in some cases, metaphors representing something else. Sort of like a code.

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Eugenics and Reincarnation

I had been watching several documentaries on the Church of Satan and I recall their ‘black pope’ doing an interview in which he claimed that the Satanic view for society condones wiping out those who could potentially be seen as a “weakness” to the human race. They claim to believe that there are no such things as gods or devils and therefore morals do not exist. No god means no moral dilemma among humanity.

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Growing Pains

Alchemical Rose

To grow is to feel pain.

There is no growth without pain; physically, mentally, emotionally.
Similarly, there is no pain without growth.

A plant must stretch and reach to come out of the ground. It must leave it’s comfort zone of being a seed to grow and becoming a thriving being. Only then will it truly be fulfilling it’s purpose.

Like the plant, we need nourishment to survive. Too much and we drown, too little and we choke and burn.

Life is balance.

We yearn for the light but without the darkness, light would be bland and meaningless.

We need hot, bright, dry, masculine, yang energy just as much as we need dark, damp, cold, female, yin energy.

Even the human brain itself has two sides. DNA is a double helix.

Thoughts on Christianity

“You can safely assume that you’e created
God in your own image when it turns out
that God hates all the same people you do.”
- Annie Lamott

Society today often concerns who, what, when, where, but there is a gross neglect of the word why, especially within Christianity. No one seems to ask WHY certain things are oppressed. If you ask any pastor or priest why god wants us to behave a certain way or why there are some of the commandments, they will often answer vaguely. They will say things such as “because that is just how he wants it” or “the lord works in mysterious ways.” You don’t order your children to do something and then tell them, “because I said so” unless you want them to become slaves to your commands. That is not good parenting. You explain to them WHY they are not to do something so that they understand the reasons behind your rules. This is a much more effective method of parenting and we would expect an all-knowing god to know that.

This is Your Brain on TV.

Some days I feel like a very old soul.. today I feel like a soul train wreck.

It’s funny how sometimes I feel as though I have so much to write about and then other days my mind can be such a blank page that it feels like the words will never come. I feel this way more often when I’ve been watching a lot of television. There is something so mind numbing about tv and I believe it is the number one thing responsible for how the majority of people think in North America.

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